Jewel Works Scheme

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THE SCHEME : This scheme enables prospective customers to avail of special discount on price of jewellery/gems/artifacts available at our designated showrooms by making advance payments towards the purchase in monthly installments.

OBJECTIVE : This Scheme is directed to promote sale of our products and make purchase of our products convenient for our customers.

ADMISSION TO MEMBERSHIP : M/s Anjali Jewellers hereby reserve and will always have the sole and exclusive right and discretion to admit any person as member under the scheme regardless of eligibility or the continuance of any member admitted to the scheme or the cancellation of membership even premature for any reason and it owes no explanation to any member in the manner of exercise of such right or discretion. 

DURATION : The scheme will continue foe 10 months from the receipt of first installment by Anjali Jewellers.The entire payment of price must be completed within 10 months from the date of first payment and no extension will be allowed,except in extreme circumstances and at the sole discretion of Anjali Jewellers,which decision will not be justifiable to the Member.

COMMENCEMENT OF THE SHEME : The scheme shall commence on the date of receipt of the amount of first installment in the account of M/s Anjali Jewllers,and in case of cash,on the date of payment.
MODE OF THE SCHEME : Under this scheme the Members may pay a designated installment amount
towards advance price of our products displayed for sale in any of our showrooms, month by month 
opting for any of the different modes of payment under the scheme and avail of a special discount
at the prescribed rate on the price of the product at the time of purchase, upon appropriation of the advance payments against the value of the product,as reduced by the discount amount.

PAYMENT PROCEDURE :  Submission of self attested photocopy of PAN Card and identification document issued/approved by the Government Of India Number will be mandatory in case of
Scheme of Rs 19,0000/- and above.
Payments under the scheme can be made by cash subject to compliance of Income Tax Laws regulations
and also by cheque,pay order or demand draft.We have also NACH facility & NET Banking service,details of which are available with any AJ branch.
Each installment towards payment of the purchase price must be made latest by 10th day of each month
If tendered by cash and before 7th day of that month if made by cheque or pay order or demand drafts
drawn on favour of “Anjali Jewellers”.

CONSEQUENCES OF DELAY OR DEFAULT :  Delay in payment of entire installment amount even by a single day , or default in payment altogether during a particular month,will be considered as an event
Of “Curable Breach” on part of the Member.
Such member will be entitled to cure the brach by making payment of the defaulted amount within 10th day of the following month if paid by cash,and with 7th day of the following month if paid by cheque or
Pay order or Demand Draft,together with full amount due for the following month.If late payment is
received during the month in which the deal has occurred,consequent accounting credit and acknowledgment will be given along with those for the installment received in respect of the following month.
Delay or default on part of a member for any three occasions during the period of this Scheme will amount to an “absolute breach” of the scheme and will entitle M/s Anjali Jewellers of terminate the subscription without any notice or reference to the member.In case of termination the concerned 
Member shall be entitled to adjust the amount paid till the time of breach (receipt whereof is acknowledge by Anjali Jewellers) against price of any product displayed at any showroom of Anjali Jewellers at rates applicable on the date of redemption.
The period of the Scheme will not be extended beyond 10 months from the commencement of a
Particular subscription under any circumstances and even in the case of curable brach or waiver.

No cash refund or interest will be paid by Anjali Jewellers in any event and all payments shall be adjustable against valid purchases only.
                                               ELIGIBILITY FOR DISCOUNT AGAINST PURCHASE
1000/-         10 MONTHS       10,000/-     Rs. 10,750/- Redeemable any day only after expiry of 10th Month but within 365 days from opening of advance payment account.

REDEMPTION :  Subject to compliance of all terms and conditions of the scheme members subscribed 
Under the scheme will be entitled to redeem the amount paid under the scheme at the time of purchasing Jewellery / artifacts of his/her choice from any of our showrooms.The retail price of the 
Item will be reduced by the special discount under the scheme to which the member will qualify along
With the principal amount of advance.
Every eligible member having fulfilled all obligations under this scheme, after completion of the duration,shall be obliged to make a purchase within 330 days from commencement of the subscriptions.
If any member does not make the purchase within the specified period monies received from such member M/s Anjali Jewellers will not be liable to provide any discount or benefit beyond the terms of
The scheme.Whenever such member will come forward to make the purchase the discount accured in favour of such member under the scheme shall be allowed to the member and the advanced payments lying on his account shall be appropriated against the price of any of the product displayed for sale of
Anjali Jewellers at rates applicable on the date of redemption.

DEFAULT :  According to the scheme a member will become eligible to avail special discount only if
Full payment is made by him/her continuously for the entire period.A member may have committed
Default leading to premature termination of the subscription under other provisions of the scheme.

DISCONTITUANCE :  If a member discontinuing the scheme, by option or default, will be entitled to
Purchase any jewellery/artifcats of his/her choice form any of our stores adjusting the amount paid 
By him/her till the date of purchases as advance payment.Such member will then be eligible for the
Proportionate special discount under the scheme.The discount then available will be subject to 
Following conditions.

1.Members may discontinue the scheme but such option can be exercised only after expiration of
15 days from the date of first / initial advance.

2.To be eligible to avail the discount under the scheme,the members have to complete 15 days period from the date of each month subscription.
3.Incase,option for discontinuance is exercised,discount will be payable proportionately on the basis of of actual of actual No. of 15 days periods the advance for purchase of our products has
Been kept ignoring any broken period within 300 days in a year.
A member has to inform in writing to discontinue the scheme.A member will be allowed to purchase jewellery / artifact within a month from the date of his/her discontinuance inclusive
Of special discount accrued thereon.A member has to submit a photo identity proof,Pre-closure 
Process will take two working days.In case of the event of death of a member being reported
To us there will be no further transaction in the said account.
M/s. Anjali Jewellers shall have unilateral and absolute right to terminate,alter,modify or amend
At its sole option particularly with any change in applicable laws,regulations or statutory norms.

1)Each member will be given an Advance Receipt Book with all details of the member concerned and all same has to be preserved till the purchase is over.
2)Incase the Advance Receipt Book is misplace/lost the member has to lodge a G.D. at the local Police Situation and we will issue a Duplicate Advance Receipt Book on payment of Rs 150/-
3)Cheque return charges – Rs 120/- and NACH Processing chages Rs 30/-.In case of any revision by the Bank we receive the right to modify the same without aasigning any reason.
4)In case of any charges as imposed by the Govt. from time to time we will be liable to effect the same immediately even without any intimation to our members of the scheme.
5)Under any circumstances the process of purchase will not be beyond 360 days from the date of opening of the Account.
TAXES :  Sales bill under this scheme shall be raised in the name of the member of the scheme.Exceptions to this can be made at the discretion of the management,provided the member is personally the member is personally present at the time of purchase and authorised in writing under his/her signature.Liability for GST at the rates applicable on the day of purchase and as imposed by the Government from time to time will be borne by the member/customer.
JURISDICTION : All disputes, claims and differences touching or concerning the interpretation,execution,enforcement or any other matter relating to “Jewellworkss” 
Scheme shall be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the High Court at Calcutta and where its pecuniary limits do not permit,before the City Civil Court at Calcutta.The member on subscribing to the scheme,shall have submitted to such jurisdiction.
DECLARATION : All amounts received from a subscriber to this scheme shall be towards
Purchase of products,sold from any of our designated showrooms and will not be treated,
Under any circumstances, as a “desposit” or “investment” made by the subscriber and 
Anjali Jewellers will not be liable to pay any interest or financial benefit (other than a discount on final price of the product sold) under any circumstances.